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StoreNext is the No. 1 supplier of retail technology to independent grocers and regional chains, and the only major technology company focused exclusively on their needs.

StoreNext is a business unit branch of Retalix, Inc. that provides software and services solely for the Independent ownership market of retail grocery stores throughout the U.S which are supported by StoreNext certified POS dealerships serving the local markets. Certified Dealers integrate StoreNext systems with their own services and understanding of your store needs. The result is a relationship that is the envy of the industry — and one that explains why over 11,000 StoreNext systems are helping grocers operate their stores and lower their costs while attracting and retaining shoppers.

StoreNext offers independent grocers and small chains a complete range of retail products and services that includes both hardware and software. With StoreNext, these retailers have access to affordable, integrated hardware and software options that lower costs while improving overall performance and customer satisfaction.

StoreNext has a wide range of offerings to improve store automation, including in-store hardware from IBM and Fujitsu, software with back-office functionality, POS systems and other grocer-specific options like self-checkout stations, electronic shelf labels and other extensions. All of this advanced technology is offered at a price point that is accessible for independent grocers and small chains, who often find that most retail technologies are too costly to purchase and implement.

StoreNext offers two separate POS solutions developed exclusively for this niche market: ScanMaster and ISS45. Both of these solutions are best suited for independent grocers that purchase from a wholesaler and don't have their own distribution in place. ScanMaster and ISS45 offer powerful Point of Sale functionality, as well as robust inventory management and customer management.

Both ScanMaster and ISS45 offer quick, intuitive functionality with transaction-specific screens and complete electronic transaction logs. These customizable POS solutions also offer sophisticated processes to ensure data remains secure and uncorrupted, 24-hour operation and seamless integration into the store's other systems.

For independent grocers seeking a cost-effective retail management system that also provides the tools specific to their business, StoreNext offers cutting-edge functionality at an affordable price.

Contact: Bill Hughes