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ISS45 – The grocery industry’s premier PoS system from StoreNext.

As the premier PoS system in the grocery industry, ISS45 offers the power you need to achieve relentless cost reduction and improved business performance over the entire life of the system – day after day, month after month, year after year. In fact, ISS45 is the only PoS solution that gives you the functionality and flexibility you need in a single, reliable and state-of-the art system that’s competitively priced for independents. That’s why ISS45 has earned the #1 market share among wholesaler-served independents and small chains in North America

ISS45 provides the ultimate in communications reliability, data integrity and cross-platform networking. ISS45’s open-store capabilities also promote seamless interfacing with a number of other popular communications systems. Inside the store, an industry-standard Ethernet 100/10BaseT LAN can move mountains of data between the PoS, controller and work-station services – no matter where they’re positioned. In fact, ISS45 provides so much performance bandwidth and headroom that a high-performance store of 200 terminals – or more – is easily within its capabilities. And yours.

Easy to Learn, Easy to Operate - Learning how to operate ISS45 is a snap. Not only can the keyboard layouts, prompts and screens be tailored to your specific needs, but the transaction-specific screens and lead-through prompts enable just about anyone who has ever operated a PoS system to feel at home.

Built-in Redundancy and Replication - ISS45 also puts an advanced redundancy scheme to work, protecting your all-important central point store data. An industrial-strength controller system operates smoothly and is always in control so that system capabilities are maintained, even in the case of hardware or PC failures. With ISS45, no management intervention is required to prevent performance delays. Everything is designed to make ISS45 easy, powerful and profitable from the very beginning. In other words, perfect for you.

ISS45 makes it a lot nicer to shop in your store. Its ability to move shoppers through checkout lanes with unmatched speed, combined with exceptional shopper service features will advance your customers’ perceptions of your store. The possibilities for increasing shopper satisfaction and loyalty – and your resulting profits – are virtually endless.

ISS45 combines the wide range of features and services you’ll need to thrive in today’s service-oriented, cost-conscious grocery envi-ronment. And tomorrow’s as well. Its open design and total reliance on industry standards enables you to leverage system investments and take full advantage of emerging technologies. ISS45 is a comprehensive solution using industry-standard PC terminals to provide flawless front-end operations, and a wealth of best-of-breed applications to ensure data communications compatibility.

Whether you plan to add locations, expand existing stores, develop completely new for-mats, or simply improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your current operations, ISS45 offers the flexibility you need to address any option. ISS45’s extended design opens the door to new possibilities. With ISS45, grocers also have access to an enormous range of powerful extensions that strip away all the old definitions of a “super-market system.” Grocers who want to exploit the merchandising and revenue advantages of fuel sales now have complete grocery and state-of-the-art fuel control systems wrapped into a single, fully integrated solution.

The ISS45 system’s powerful transaction-processing architecture is not only optimized for the extreme performance needs of the supermarket business, it’s also economically scaled for stores of widely different sizes and types. Its modular design lets you custom-configure each terminal to maximize available space and throughput requirements. And its built-in combination of supermarket and general merchandise features enables you to use a variety of store formats and integrate them into a single, seamless system.

The industry’s premier PoS system also delivers a full complement of features and applications that make it an ideal turnkey solution that’s virtually unlimited in its potential for customization. Important features such as reorganized receipts, coupon printing, cashier age restriction, transaction suspend/recall, in-house charge accounts, WIC, DEA over-the-counter drug limitations and frequent shopper – in fact, three frequent shopper systems – are all part of ISS45. The Advanced Promotions option is generally considered to be the most powerful and flexible merchandising package in PoS. Animated graphic advertising displays and system-wide messaging operate on a variety of terminal hardware.

ISS45 also offers complete, high-performance accounting and file maintenance capabilities allowing for simultaneous maintenance sessions, delayed cashier balancing and data handling and redundancy control of unmatched elegance. And your store gets pause-free, 24-hour operation, too.

You can do what no other PoS system will allow: create and customize your own clerk or manager screens, your own reports – even your own special PoS transactions, discounts and offers. Such flexibility owes much to StoreNext’s determined implementation of industry standards throughout the system. And as newer standards arrive, ISS45 will continue to lead the industry. While customers don’t come back to your stores for the technology, they do come back for its benefits. Although ISS45 includes a formidable array of advances, applications and features, moving to ISS45 is as seamless as its operation. Your personnel will find ISS45 intuitive and familiar, and your customers will feel the difference in their shopping experience from the beginning – and when they keep coming back time and again.

ISS45 supplies a complete PoS feature set with real depth and flexibility. These are the critical items taken for granted (until you realize they’re missing). That’s why there are more than 170 screens of configurable parameters and operations choices, HALOS, limits, minimum purchases, security and controls.

ISS45 opens the door to new possibilities.

Contact: Bill Hughes