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ScanMaster® -- stronger than ever — from StoreNext® and serviced and supported by Retail Data Systems® - Wisconsin.

Designed for the independent grocer and regional chain independent grocers, ScanMaster® is designed with special features and an architecture built for the unique requirements of independents. ScanMaster® from StoreNext® combines the wide range of capabilities and services you’ll need to thrive in today’s service-oriented, cost-conscious grocery environment. ScanMaster’s open design and reliance on industry standards enables you to leverage your system investment and take full advantage of emerging technologies. ScanMaster® works with a wealth of best-of-breed industry third-party applications. ScanMaster® provides you with a truly comprehensive solution with flawless front-end operations. StoreNext® and RDS are proud to market ScanMaster® as a cornerstone application of its total solution offering.

StoreNext® Certified Dealers back you with support, maintenance and an ongoing stream of important new capabilities to keep you competitive. StoreNext’s dedication to continuous ScanMaster® development delivers the investment protection you expect when you select ScanMaster®. Welcome to StoreNext®, where Every Day is Independents’ Day.

ScanMaster® delivers a full complement of features and applications that make it an ideal turnkey solution. ScanMaster® was one of the first systems to provide crucial capabilities like “clean” receipts, coupon printing, cashier age restriction, transaction suspend/recall, in-house charge accounts, WIC, WIC CVV, & eWIC and frequent shopper functions. ScanMaster® also includes high-performance accounting and file maintenance functions. More power is provided by simultaneous maintenance sessions, delayed cashier balancing and elegant data handling and redundancy control. And your store gets pause-free, 24-operation, too. And don’t forget ScanMaster’s legendary “SRR”, the Store Reconciliation Report system. Fast, flexible and powerful, ScanMaster’s SRR remains one of the finest tools for ensuring proper financial operation and reporting.

» Connected Payments® — ScanMaster’s electronic payments system interface opens up signature capture, electronic check conversion, gift card processing and a whole host of new capabilities.

» Shopper Picture Display — protecting both your store and the customer, the shopper’s photograph can display on the POS terminal whenever check tendering, check cashing, or in-house charge tendering takes place.

» Multi Media Maintenance — ScanMaster® can store, control and display movies and images individually. It can be a profit center too, generating revenue by selling advertising time or providing information on the shopper display.

» Blackhawk® Gift Cards — ScanMaster® supports this important industry program with high ROI for independents and regional chains.

» Electronic Journal Movement and Reporting — put that EJ to more use with the ability for ad-hoc reporting of date-and-time oriented item movement reporting or finding specific transactional information quickly.

» LaneHawk® B.O.B camera/checkout system --- guarantees your cashiers don’t miss those items hiding on the bottom of the grocery cart costing you thousands of lost sales dollars

ScanMaster® engineered its entire office application around an industry-standard user interface office. So grocery personnel will find ScanMaster’s office functions easy to access — even managers with minimum PC training will be able to master these functions end-to-end. ScanMaster’s simple but powerful reporting tools enable your store managers to make better, more informed decisions and make them faster — so they can get out of that office and back to the aisles and spend time with those most important assets ─ your shoppers.

All StoreNext® systems give the independent “products, not projects” and ScanMaster is no exception. ScanMaster’s customization is via parameterization instead of expensive one-off development. The vast majority of ScanMaster® users never need special custom software modifications. Instead they enjoy the benefits of constantly enhanced capabilities that grow as a reflection of the entire supermarket business.

Independent grocers and regional chains don’t have the big-chain crews of expensive technology managers — but with ScanMaster® you don’t need them. As an independent-focused solution, ScanMaster® puts a premium on ease of implementation, quick learning and easy, low-impact maintenance.

StoreNext® offers a broad range of terminal options and pricing for ScanMaster®, from POS equipment by Fujitsu’s outstanding TeamPoS terminals or industry proven hardware by IBM® or even legacy hardware by NCR®. ScanMaster’s flexibility gives you a great choice of displays, printers, keyboards and scanners — including mix/match with legacy peripherals. ScanMaster’s prime cashier data entry hardware is via modern touch-screen LCD monitors. ScanMaster® can help you reduce training costs through its intuitive cashier touch-screen interface, increasing cashier productivity and shopper loyalty.

ScanMaster® also provides you exactly the same software regardless of store size. Store servers are fully scalable so you can apply different amounts of processing power to stores of varying size.

ScanMaster’s software adheres to StoreNext’s premium on stability. Its reputation speaks for itself, so you can expect the best. But ScanMaster® automatically prepares for the worst, giving you complete file back-up at every terminal. And this protection for your business and your shoppers’ convenience is fully automatic.

ScanMaster® and RDS didn’t become industry leaders just by developing superior systems. Equally important is building business relationships that endure. Our unmatched record of successful relationships ─ and our unwavering commitment to them ─ is built on understanding each grocer’s special needs, store by store, company by company, and then providing the open, extended solutions to satisfy those needs.

Contact: Bill Hughes